Monday, 28 March 2011

Wonderful Comments!

On Friday i took a batch of brownies into work as my friend (choccie face mate!) Ingrid was coming up to the office.

Well, i am pleased to report they went down a storm!  I got into the office and made the drinks and by 9.15am my colleagues were tucking in!

I was getting worried that by the time Ingrid arrived that there would be none left for her.

It made my day to have people popping their head in my office telling me how wonderful they were and thanking me for bringing them in.

It was a real boost for me to get these comments.

When Patience Is Needed

I made one of Karen's recipe's this evening - Rolo Bombs!

I put the first batch into the oven and then dashed off to pick the children up from youth club.  When we got back the children were anxiously waiting for them to come out of the oven so they could try.  I removed from the baking sheet and put on the cooling rack so that i could continue with the second batch.  Unfortunately this did not work out well, they should have been allowed to cool longer as the gooey rolo's fell out the bottom!

But, this did not bother the children, they still had 2 each!

Second batch went in the oven and i had more patience and let them cool before removing!  Much better result!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


I decided to make some scones yesterday as i haven't made any for a while.  However they didn't turn out as i had expected, they are edible, but i hoped they would rise more than they had.

After reading Karen's recent blog entry i think this was down to using a teaspoon for the baking powder and not a measuring spoon.  I need to get some new ones!

Baked and Delicious Subscription

I have decided to subscribe to this latest baking magazine.  It looks quite good and there is a step by step guide for the recipes.

So, watch this space for anything i attempt!

It's Never Too Late

This blog has been designed for me to share my baking experiences good and bad.  I am not a very confident baker and many years ago i had a bad experience that put me off baking.

But recently i have had the urge to give it a try again.

So, i will share my baking experiments and welcome any tips that anyone has to share.